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Reg and Ann Cartwright Exhibition


Online version of an exhibition from the University of Leicester Special Collections on the life and work of Reg Cartwright, award-winning Leicestershire painter and illustrator, and his wife Ann, author of many successful children's books.  The exhibition ran from 6 September 2013 to 6 January 2014.

The University of Leicester and World War I


The First World War has an important place in the history of the University of Leicester. From 1914-1919 the site now occupied by the main campus was used as a military hospital. This exhibition tells the story of the hospital and explains how the origins of the University are rooted in the Great War.

The exhibition is accompanied by a growing directory of the men and women known to have served with the 5th Northern General Hospital during World War I. Visit the 5th Northern General Staff List pages for more information.


Victorian Schooldays


This exhibition explores the life of school pupils in the 19th century and changes to the school system throughout the century.

From its core infrastructure, newly built schools reflected 19th century thoughts towards the function and purpose of the institution; their architects recognised the link between the physical building and its effect on pupil experience and learning.

Alongside these changes, the nineteenth century saw a re-evaluation on school management and pedagogy. Constructs such as the Monitorial System and the adoption of pupil teachers highlight their determination to reassess and improve teaching styles.

The effect of such changes had a measurable impact upon pupil experience, resulting in changes to the pupil’s learning, and their relationships with teachers.

School life was not all hard work and no play however, with the rise in childhood toys and games throughout the century providing light relief for the young. However many of these games still retained elements of education and moral instruction! 

The History of Museums


Museums are places which seem so ingrained into the fabric of our society, that many would not give their origin or purpose any serious consideration. However, these institutions are much more complex than we can first imagine. They are a living building which is adapting and changing as needs and demands arise. They educate. They entertain. They amaze us.

This resource aims to inspire questions and deeper thought about museums. It will look at four key factors:

  • The History of Museums
  • The Purpose of Museums
  • Museum Education
  • Museums and the Community

Each factor will have numerous case studies with primary documents from the collection to help highlight the more complex nature of these institutions.

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