5th Northern General Staff List A-C

These pages list the names of men and women known to have served with the 5th Northern General Hospital during World War I. Official records for the unit do not survive, so the list has been compiled from a variety of different sources and is a work in progress.

Allen, Arthur Joseph (Clerk & X Ray Attendant)
Allen, T. W.
Andrews, Ellen (Sister; Staff nurse)
Archer, S., (Staff Nurse)
Ashworth, N. M., (Staff Nurse)
Baker, Arthur
Baker, Philip
Baldwin, E., (Sister)
Banford, M., (Staff Nurse)
Barclay, G. A., (Chaplin)
Barfield, G. E.,
Barnes, M., (Sister)
Barrett, William Henry
Barrow, Lilian (Matron)
Bates, George William
Battle, G. E. (Chaplin)
Baum, Charlie (Orderly)
Bemrose, Fred
Bennett, F. W. (Aurist)
Billingham, John
Blakebley, H. J. (In Charge Of Military Wards)
Blucke, H. S. K. (Chaplin)
Blunt, (Civilian Medical Practitioner)
Boardman, Patrick
Bodycott, Edgar
Bond, C. J. (Honorary Consulting Surgeon)
Bossom, Sydney
Bradshaw, E. A., (Sister)
Bradshaw, William
Brees, Frederick Albert
Brennan, George John Joseph
Brown, John Arthur
Butterworth, Alec
Butterworth, Alfred
Button, Ernest
Campbell, Donald
Carter, Arthur Ernest
Carter, F. B.
Clare, T. C. (Surgical Specialist)
Clark, Howard Edwd
Comper, Harry
Conway Jones, K., (Sister)
Conway-Jones, K., (Sister)
Copson, Archibald
Cory, A. (Chaplin)
Cory, A. (Chaplin)
Costohadie, V. A. P. (Civilian Medical Practitioner)
Coxall, Nathan
Cranfield, William (Ward Orderly)
Crisp, Harry
Crosby, T.V.
Crosfield, A. M.
Crowe, Walter William
Cumberlidge, W. I. (Surgical Specialist)
Cunnington, Charles

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