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Changing Leicester_St Nicholas.mp3
Doll (Doris) Oliver and Brenda Brewster recall the St Nicholas Circle area in the 1940s

A photo of the Blue Boar Hotel on Southgate Street taken in 1965

A photo of the Mass Radiography Centre on Castle Street taken during its demolition.

A photo taken from Castle Street looking across St Nicholas Circle to St Nicholas Church in 1970

A photo of buildings on Lower Redcross Street

A photo of Applegate Street taken in 1962 from West Bridge showing the West End Coffee Bar, formally the Mitre & Keys pub.

20180312-untitledApplegate Street Benjamin Herbert Blacksmith Mitres Keys Yard c. 1890.jpg
A photo of the blacksmith Benjamin Herbert in the yard of the Mitres & Keys pub c. 1890
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