Mr Joseph Wallis Goddard


Mr Joseph Wallis Goddard

Personal Name

Goddard, Joseph Wallis

Birth Date


Death Date



Manufacturing chemist [plate powder] (1911 census)

Home address

Avenue Road, Stoneygate, Leicester (Kelly's, 1916) [Approximate location shown on map]

Corporate name

J. W. Goddard & Sons (Kelly's, 1916)

Business address

12-14 Station Street, Leicester (Kelly's, 1916)


£3,000 (Annual Report, 1922)
£2,000 '...thereby completing a gift of £5,000 to the College...' (ULA M-2, p. 44)

College appointments

University College Committee, 1919-1920
University College Finance Sub-Committee, 1919-1920
University College Executive Committee, 1920
University College Buildings Committee, 1921-1926
College Council, 1921-1927
University College Finance and General Purposes Committee, 1922-1926
Court of Governors, 1922-1927
University College Botanical Gardens Committee, 1924-26
University College Hostel Committee, 1924-1926

Associated organisations

Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society, 1901-
Museum and Art Gallery
Temperance Union (Leics. & District), treasurer


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Annual Report (1922)
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Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society Transactions, vol. 20 (1919), p. 64; vol. 22 (1921), p. 12.
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