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Imogen_Cox_ 29th August 2017.mp3
An oral history interview from Imogen Cox, a learning officer for Leicester Museums. She talks her role within the museum, the workshops that Leicester Museums offer and the development of the service. Talks about the importance of being 'hands on'…

C. Wagstaff former nursing sister.mp3
Audio clip of C Wagstaff talking about health

An oral history interview from Linda Harding, Outreach Officer at Leicester Museum.She discusses her role in depth along with examples of the community work that she does. This can be exhibitions with community groups or library cases. She discusses…

Capital T Club_janet ingall.mp3
Janet Ingall talks about the Capital T Club in Leicester during the 1950s.

Philip_French_29th August 2017.mp3
An oral history interview from Philip French, Curator of Leicester History in Leicester Museums.He talks about his role within the museum and how it has changed and also how exhibitions and collections within Newarke Houses especially have developed.…
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