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Music_Jazz Hots Up Leicester 1961.jpg
An article from the Leicester Chronicle dated 13/10/1961 about the positive effect of traditional jazz music on Leicester

A photo of a concert at De Montfort Hall in 1945

A photo of a lunchtime concert at the 'Art Gallery' in Leicester, now known as New Walk Musuem, in 1945

Music_russ merryfield_folk.mp3
Russ Merryfield talks about the music people played at the Leicester Folk Song Club

Music_Lew Branston orchestra_Mercury.JPG
A photo of the Lew Branston Orchestra.

Music_barry harvey_jazz.mp3
Brian Harvey recalls playing in dance bands in Leicester from the 1950s.

Music_derek seaton jazz.mp3
Derek Seaton recalls watching the Monk brothers in their early days in Wigston.

Music_johnny angel and the mystics 01.jpg
Leicester group Johnny Angel and the Mystics playing at Loughborough College (as it was then) in spring 1963. Colin Miller on bass, singer Johnny Angel is Douglas John Harris, lead guitar with the Fender is Alan Makin.
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