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A guide aimed at children for the art gallery. Has inside a definition of a museum and a brief history of Aberdeen art gallery. It has a key words glossary, black and white images and a little history on art. Contains a map of the layout of the…

A worksheet encouraging children to analyse various painting within the gallery.

A catalogue of the exhibtion Paintings from North-East Homes. Includes introduction and catalogue of the materials used. Images are in black and white.

PER 069-B1937_Belfast_ReportoftheCommitteeofBelfastMuseumsandArtGallery1949.pdf
A booklet talking about the events and occurances witin the museum in the previous year. Paragraphs on the development of the schools service. Shows how the education department is being seen as more important as it becomes more organised and thus a…

PER 069-B1937_Belfast_ReportoftheCommitteeofBelfastMuseumsandArtGallery1935.pdf
Picture of Education workshop showing a school group's visit to a museum.

941-5082-Fes_Belfast_Official Souvenir Handbook.pdf
A handbook to accompany the various events occurring in Northern Ireland connected to the Festival of Britain. Images in black and white. Various sections on different elements such as the arts and volunteers. Colour advertisements at the back.

Community_Collections - Philip_French - 29th_August_2017.wav
An oral history interview from Philip French, Curator of Leicester History in Leicester Museums.He talks the collections at the museum and about the development about community collections and how the museums have tried to change the gaps by activley…

An oral history interview from Linda Harding, Outreach Officer at Leicester Museum.She talks about the temporary exhibitions that are put on in the museum and how they try to represent the community as much as possible.

Education_Worksheets_and_Online_Resources - Imogen_Cox - 29th_August_2017_WAV.wav
An oral history interview from Imogen Cox, a learning officer for Leicester Museums. She talks about the development of online resourcesand how the worksheets and trails that are placed online are used within the museum and externally.
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