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Museum_Purpose - Philip_French_29th August 2017.wav
An oral history interview from Philip French, Curator of Leicester History in Leicester Museums.He talks about how museums need to 'educate and entertain' and how although certain aspects have developed and changed (such as interpretation), the…

PER 069-L3344_Leicester_Bulletin1942.pdf
An article talking about how museums need to keep up with the pace of the world. Discusses how the museum, during the war, put on exhibitions about digging and growing to help those people in the community know what to do. The idea of the museum…

PER 069-L3344_Leicester_Bulletin1944.pdf
An booklet containing an article from Trevor Thomas talking about the problems related to Leicester museums currently and what they are aiming to do. Describes what a museum 'could be' . Talks about children's clubs and how museum should be part of…
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