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An advertisement for household goods at TH Wathes from the Leicester Graphic, April 1956.

Post War Leicester_Goddards house.mp3
Mr & Mrs Goddard talk about the influences behind their modernist house on Avenue Road in Leicester

Capital T Club_janet ingall.mp3
Janet Ingall talks about the Capital T Club in Leicester during the 1950s.

Housing_doll and brenda_slum.mp3
Dorothy Oliver and Brenda & Ron Brewster recall slum housing in the St Nicholas area of Leicester in the 1950s.

Housing_EyresMonsell_doll and brenda.mp3
Dorothy Oliver and Brenda & Ron Brewster talks about moving into council housing on the Eyres Monsell estate in the 1950s.

Housing_freestone_prefabs and furniture.mp3
Olive Freestone talks about her pre-fab house in Leicester in the 1940s and 1950s.

Housing_Slum Housing in Russell St 1953.jpg
A picture of 'typical court houses in the Russell Street No.115 Clearance Area', Leicester, 1955.

Housing_Clar Park Modern House.jpg
A photo of the modernist house built in 1953/4 on Avenue Road, Leicester, for Mr & Mrs Goddard.

Eyres Monsell_1958_Story of Leics.jpg
A photos of a road in Eyres Monsell being constructed in 1958.

Work_Post War Leicester_Work.mp3
Malcolm Mason explains the limited options for most people leaving school in the 1950s.
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