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An army team with ambulance outside of General Hospital Leicester.jpg
Black and white photograph with an army team with their ambulance outside of General Hospital

Geoff Fenn's National Service pics (4).JPG
Geoff Fenn poses with a Radio Telephone Direction Finding (RTDF) truck during his national Service.

An advertisement for household goods at TH Wathes from the Leicester Graphic, April 1956.

An advert from the Leicester Chronicle, 11th December 1961, for the new Auto Magic Car Wash at Lee Circle, Leicester.

1951 Kellys adverts (4).JPG
An advert from the 1951 Kelly's Trade Directory for the Leicester Academy of Dancing and the Marie Bici School for Stage Training at 76 High Street, Leicester.

Leicester Health Statistics 1957.pdf
Selected pages from 'The Health of Leicester in 1957'.

A photo of people playing snooker and table tennis at the Capital T Club in the 1940s.

West End Coffee Bar exterior.jpg
A photo of the exterior of the West End Coffee Bar, home of the Venture youth club.

A photo of the Mass Radiography Centre on Castle Street taken during its demolition.

Mining_Nationalisation_ARatcliffe_Tk2 (2).mp3
Antony Ratcliffe talked about the nationalisation of coal industry in Leicestershire in 1947.
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