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Donna Jackman and Charmaine Blake discuss the activities of the Leicester United Caribbean Association (LUCA) in the 1980s.

The sound of the countdown to the Diwali lights switch on.

Music_johnny angel and the mystics 01.jpg
Leicester group Johnny Angel and the Mystics playing at Loughborough College (as it was then) in spring 1963. Colin Miller on bass, singer Johnny Angel is Douglas John Harris, lead guitar with the Fender is Alan Makin.

A photo of Applegate Street taken in 1962 from West Bridge showing the West End Coffee Bar, formally the Mitre & Keys pub.

A photo taken from Castle Street looking across St Nicholas Circle to St Nicholas Church in 1970

A photo of the Blue Boar Hotel on Southgate Street taken in 1965

Post War Leicester_Goddards house.mp3
Mr & Mrs Goddard talk about the influences behind their modernist house on Avenue Road in Leicester

Capital T Club_janet ingall.mp3
Janet Ingall talks about the Capital T Club in Leicester during the 1950s.

Housing_doll and brenda_slum.mp3
Dorothy Oliver and Brenda & Ron Brewster recall slum housing in the St Nicholas area of Leicester in the 1950s.

Housing_EyresMonsell_doll and brenda.mp3
Dorothy Oliver and Brenda & Ron Brewster talks about moving into council housing on the Eyres Monsell estate in the 1950s.
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