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A photo of Quorn Grange in 1945. The man with the dog is Mr SJ Peshall CBE, MC . Mr Peshall was a director of the hosiery firm Corah and in 1945 was also the High Sherriff of Leicestershire and President of the Leicester Chamber of Commerce…

A photo of a family playing with a train set in the living room, 1945.

A photo of a man trimming a hedge in the front garden of a house in 1945

A photo of a family eating at the table in 1945

A photo of a couple sitting in a living room in front of the fire place in 1945.

Walnut St rooftops 1950s.jpg
A view over the rooftops of the Walnut Street area of Leicester in the 1950s, taken from the roof of the College of Technology, now the Hawthorn Building of De Montfort University.

An article on Indians and West Indians in school. From the Leicester Evening Mail, 11th October 1961.

Civil Defence_June Dawson.mp3
June Dawson recalls an accident when a Civil Defence recruiter visited her husband.

Two photos of exhibition stands demonstrating the difference between a clean and an unclean kitchen. From 'The Health of Leicester 1954'

Vaughan Way being built 1958.jpg
A photo of the start of Vaughan Way being built in 1958
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