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Asmeeta Bhogatia discusses demographic changes to the Belgrave area of Leicester between the 1980s and 1990s.

The sound of the countdown to the Diwali lights switch on.

Dennis O'Brian.mp3
Dennis O'Brien talked about his first job in the East Midlands Electricity Board services, doing National Service, new opportunities after return and changes in 1956. Discusses use of Ready Reckoner for calculation and use of comptometer for big…

A photo of man working on Electroplating in a Factory Leicester in 1945.

A photo of men working in a Engineering Factory Leicester in 1945.

A photo of men working in a Engineering Factory Leicester in 1945.

Geoff Fenn's National Service pics (4).JPG
Geoff Fenn poses with a Radio Telephone Direction Finding (RTDF) truck during his national Service.

Music_LFSC First Night_Harvey Tucker.JPG
A photo of Harvey Tucker playing at the first night of the Leicester Folk Song Club on the 10th October 1961 in the Red Cow pub on Belgrave Gate.

A photo of woman working in a Hosiery Factory Leicester in 1945. Although not stated this is likely to be taken in the Corah Factory.

Music_Jazz Hots Up Leicester 1961.jpg
An article from the Leicester Chronicle dated 13/10/1961 about the positive effect of traditional jazz music on Leicester
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