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NatServ_geoff fenn_good thing.mp3
Geoff Fenn reflects on the pros and cons of National Service

Sport_Rod Pratt_cricket.mp3
Former county cricket player Rod Pratt remembers the poor state of the facilities at Grace Road in the 1950s.

Sport_brian small_rugby.mp3
Former Tigers player Brian Small recalls the harder rugby union teams to beat in the 1950s.

Youth_liz brandow_school.mp3
Liz Brandow recalls not liking the Collegiate Girls School in the 1950s.

Youth_venture_bob hughes.mp3
Bob Hughes talks about the Venture Youth Club and Ray Gosling.

Civil Defence_June Dawson.mp3
June Dawson recalls an accident when a Civil Defence recruiter visited her husband.

Changing Leicester_St Nicholas.mp3
Doll (Doris) Oliver and Brenda Brewster recall the St Nicholas Circle area in the 1940s

Norman & Brenda.mp3
Norman Martin listing about the various jobs and rise of wages in the engineering industry in 1958, his working experience at English Electric and then Mellor Bromleys.

Margaret Rud_SharonN.mp3
Margaret Rud talked about the work she performed in the Fielding & Johnston wool factory. Commuted by train everyday to Leicester, as well as discussing working hours and wages, Later worked in hosiery factory and explains work culture as well as…

Dennis O'Brian.mp3
Dennis O'Brien talked about his first job in the East Midlands Electricity Board services, doing National Service, new opportunities after return and changes in 1956. Discusses use of Ready Reckoner for calculation and use of comptometer for big…
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