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Walnut St rooftops 1950s.jpg
A view over the rooftops of the Walnut Street area of Leicester in the 1950s, taken from the roof of the College of Technology, now the Hawthorn Building of De Montfort University.

An advertisement for household goods at TH Wathes from the Leicester Graphic, April 1956.

1951 Kellys adverts (4).JPG
An advert from the 1951 Kelly's Trade Directory for the Leicester Academy of Dancing and the Marie Bici School for Stage Training at 76 High Street, Leicester.

An advertisement for Vanity Knitting Wool, J&W. Bastard Ltd. Frog Island Mills Leicester in 1945.

An army team with ambulance outside of General Hospital Leicester.jpg
Black and white photograph with an army team with their ambulance outside of General Hospital

A photo of the interior of an infants' school class at an unidentified school in Leicester, 1945.

A photo of children in beds in the open air, possibly at Groby Road Isolation Hospital in Leicester, 1945.

The interior of an unidentified Leicester pub in 1945

A photo of the interior of an unidentified suburban pub in Leicester in 1945

A photo of the interior of an unidentified working men's club in Leicester in 1945
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