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Housing_freestone_prefabs and furniture.mp3
Olive Freestone talks about her pre-fab house in Leicester in the 1940s and 1950s.

Work_Post War Leicester_Work.mp3
Malcolm Mason explains the limited options for most people leaving school in the 1950s.

Music_derek seaton jazz.mp3
Derek Seaton recalls watching the Monk brothers in their early days in Wigston.

Music_barry harvey_jazz.mp3
Brian Harvey recalls playing in dance bands in Leicester from the 1950s.

Malcolm Mason talks about the clothes he wore as a Teddy Boy in the 1950s.

Youth_diane goodall_clubs.mp3
Diane Goodall recalls going to the League of Youth on Braunstone Avenue.

Leisure_Johnsons_Leics Forest Cycling Club.mp3
Ron Johnson recalls his early days at the Leicester Forest Cycle Club.

Leisure_Post War Leicester_Brass House.mp3
June Davies talks about the Coventry Arms pub, Halford Street, Leicester, also known as the Brass House. June's parents ran the pub and she grew up in it.

Music_russ merryfield_folk.mp3
Russ Merryfield talks about the music people played at the Leicester Folk Song Club

NatServ_Geoff Walker_HongKong.mp3
Geoff Walker recalls being in Hong Kong in the 1950s for his National Service
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