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Kathleen Weller talks about WW2, cutbacks of electricity, and working in Cherub Hosiery factory at the age of 14. Describes the working conditions during and after WW2, as well as working hours. Left Cherub and worked for Corah, describes this.

Dennis O'Brian.mp3
Dennis O'Brien talked about his first job in the East Midlands Electricity Board services, doing National Service, new opportunities after return and changes in 1956. Discusses use of Ready Reckoner for calculation and use of comptometer for big…

Margaret Rud_SharonN.mp3
Margaret Rud talked about the work she performed in the Fielding & Johnston wool factory. Commuted by train everyday to Leicester, as well as discussing working hours and wages, Later worked in hosiery factory and explains work culture as well as…

Norman & Brenda.mp3
Norman Martin listing about the various jobs and rise of wages in the engineering industry in 1958, his working experience at English Electric and then Mellor Bromleys.

An advertisement for Vanity Knitting Wool, J&W. Bastard Ltd. Frog Island Mills Leicester in 1945.

A photo of man manufacturing in a typewriter Factory Leicester in 1945.

A photo of man manufacturing in a typewriter Factory Leicester in 1945.

A photo of woman working in a Hosiery Factory Leicester in 1945. Although not stated this is likely to be taken in the Corah Factory.

A photo of men working in a Engineering Factory Leicester in 1945.

A photo of man working in a Shoe or Boot Factory Leicester in 1945.

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