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Two photos of exhibition stands demonstrating the difference between a clean and an unclean kitchen. From 'The Health of Leicester 1954'

A photo of female patients in beds pushed onto a veranda at an unidentified hospital in Leicester, 1945

A photo of children in beds in the open air, possibly at Groby Road Isolation Hospital in Leicester, 1945.

Leicester Health Statistics 1957.pdf
Selected pages from 'The Health of Leicester in 1957'.

Leicester Health Handbook 1957.pdf
Selected pages from the City of Leicester Health Services Handbook of 1957.

Health_TB wards at Groby Rd.TIF
Photograph of the TB wards at Groby Road Hospital

Health M Fenwick.mp3
Margaret Fenwick talks about her experience of giving birth to her son at Westcotes maternity hospital and why she did not like it there

Peake_TB extract.mp3
Trevor Peake talks about how tuberculosis (TB) was viewed as he was growing up

Ron Jonhnson TB Extract.mp3
Ron Johnson talks about his experience of having TB as a child
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