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PER 069-L3488_Leicetser_NineteenthReporttotheTownCouncil1910.pdf
Talks about a movement within museums to incorporate them more within the teaching of children. Discusses lectures set up for teachers showing how the museum's collection could be used. …

PER 069-L3488_Leicetser_SixteenthReporttotheTownCouncil1905.pdf
Talks about the growth of the school visists made and how they paid 'successive visits with a view to studying sections of the exhibits in a systematic manner'. Talks about the use of collections by teachers and students for educational purposes and…

MUS-C-2-19_Cardiff_Jubilee 1907-1957Booklet.pdf
A commemorative booklet on the Jubilee of the National Museum of Wales. Talks about the development of the museum, how it grew its collections, school service and the folk museum.
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