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A catalogue of the exhibtion Paintings from North-East Homes. Includes introduction and catalogue of the materials used. Images are in black and white.

PER 069-B1937_Belfast_ReportoftheCommitteeofBelfastMuseumsandArtGallery.pdf
A booklet from the committee talking about how local museums are sending to national events special objects that perhaps put them on the map or represent their culture or heritage. Northern Ireland were representing themselve with exhibtions on local…

Exhibition booklet 26th May – 29th July 1951 on ‘Leicestershire Hunting Pictures’ – an exhibition talking about the tradition of hunting within Leicestershire. Images (black and white). Foreword by Colin D. B. Ellis talking about this exhibition’s…

Exhibitions include Divali (in depth details included on further on), The National Exhibition of Children’s Art and Hats by David Shilling. Open evening and lunchtime concerts. Association Activities and fine arts news.

Exhibitions include the Choir Boy, Down to Earth and Vasna: inside an Indian Village. Permanent galleries and what is permanently on display. Gallery talks and association activities. Details on some of the exhibitions including Vasna.

Exhibitions include craft for Christmas and Victorian Painting Workshop. Lunchtime concerts and lectures. Association Activities. An LMA gift to Leicester Museum (shadow puppets for Diwali exhibit). Collection divided between the V&A and Leicester…

Exhibitions include the artists view of Leicestershire and Traditional Indian Arts of Gujurat. Association activities, annual general meeting and LMA visit to the age of chivalry exhibition. Details of new exhibitions and galleries. Section onf…

25th June to 11th December 1988 – India comes alive at Leicester Museums. Arts of Gujarat. Crafts but also everyday life in Gujarat. Talk of how the collection was acquired and the significance of this collection within Britain. The different themes…

PER 069-L3344_Leicester_Bulletin1942.pdf
An article talking about how museums need to keep up with the pace of the world. Discusses how the museum, during the war, put on exhibitions about digging and growing to help those people in the community know what to do. The idea of the museum…

An oral history interview from Linda Harding, Outreach Officer at Leicester Museum.She talks about the temporary exhibitions that are put on in the museum and how they try to represent the community as much as possible.
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