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What_is_a_Community - Linda_Harding-30th_August_2017.wav
An oral history interview from Linda Harding, Outreach Officer at Leicester Museum. Discussion about how a community is a group of people with things in common.

Job_Description - Linda_Harding-30th_August_2017_.wav
An oral history interview from Linda Harding, Outreach Officer at Leicester Museum.She discusses her role in depth along such as putting on exhibitions inside and outside of the museum (in special cases in libraries, the development of dementia boxes…

An oral history interview from Linda Harding, Outreach Officer at Leicester Museum.She talks about the temporary exhibitions that are put on in the museum and how they try to represent the community as much as possible.

Consists of 6 sheets with various drawings and questions on, focusing on the Iron Age and Roman period. The drawings encourage children to colour them in but the questions encourage them to look at the panels in order to find the answers.

A booklet which begins by talking about the history of museums and how they have developed in the UK. There is also a diagram (which no title) which shows, possibly, various subjects or jobs that a museum does. Talks about collecting and how it is…

A booklet from the opening ceremony of the museum and art gallery opened by Princess Margaret. Has an order of proceedings for the opening ceremony and a history of the museum, its collections and development. Has current details of the museum and…

A small booklet with introduction, detailing about the museum and art gallery. Has a small history of the museum, talks about its various collections like art history, local history, industrial and natural history. Has pictures of objects throughout…

MUS-C-2-19_Cardiff_Jubilee 1907-1957Booklet.pdf
A commemorative booklet on the Jubilee of the National Museum of Wales. Talks about the development of the museum, how it grew its collections, school service and the folk museum.

A booklet detailing about children within museum. It aims to answer questions like ‘What does a museum mean to children?’, how do children participate in a museum and how do museums impact upon children?

A leaflet guide for the folk museum with a detail of the different galleries and buildings that are on site. Contains a short history of the museum and a map of the grounds. In the introduction, it talks about the purpose of a folk museum and about…
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