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An exhibition booklet for the Pictures from Shropshire Houses exhibit. This exhibition was displayed in conjunction with the Festival of Britain. Contains a foreword by R. H. Urwick, a general introduction by Mary Woodall and a catalogue of art works…

Exhibitions include Divali (in depth details included on further on), The National Exhibition of Children’s Art and Hats by David Shilling. Open evening and lunchtime concerts. Association Activities and fine arts news.

An exhibition booklet on Art Treasures from Warwickshire. Has a catalogue of items included in the exhibition and a brief introduction on the festival and the purpose of the current exhibition. Introduction written by Mayor Oswald Rae Davidson.…

Sheet of paper talking about the Ulster museum and its collection. Discusses the founding of the museum and how it has developed over time. Talks about extending and developing collections and about the various exhibits the museums have. Mainly art…

A catalogue of the exhibtion Paintings from North-East Homes. Includes introduction and catalogue of the materials used. Images are in black and white.

A worksheet encouraging children to analyse various painting within the gallery.
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