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The first pages of draft typescript from 'My Schooldays', an article written by Sue Townsend for New Statesman magazine.

The first two draft typescript pages for 'Taking the Bottles Back' by Sue Townsend, published in Mr Bevan's Dream (1989).

Front pages of March & May 1975 issues of Eyres Monsell and Saffron Community News, containing articles believed to have been written by Sue Townsend ('Do You Know . . . Where Your Kids Are At Night' and 'Ooyah! Gerroff the Comics'.

Portrait of the artist's father, 1960, from: Ann Cartwright, To What Extent is Reg Cartwright a Naïve Painter?, p. 10, RAC/16.

An early illustration of fireplaces, painted when Reg Cartwright was working as a 'commercial artist' for Gaytons, from: Portfolio of Commercial Work, (c. 1964-76), RAC/8

Portrait in oils of the artist's two sons, 1969, from: Ann Cartwright, To What Extent is Reg Cartwright a Naïve Painter?, p. 7, RAC/16.

'Meeting on a country road', 1970s, from exhibition catalogue for 'Reg Cartwright Paintings' at the Portal Gallery, London, (2 May - 5 June 1974), RAC/10.

'Boy with bread', ?1970s, from: Portfolio of Work, (c. 1975 - mid-1980s), RAC/8. This is a portrait of Russell Harty as a child.

Vignette of an owl perched on a window-ledge from: Anne Carter and Reg Cartwright, Birds, Beasts and Fishes, (Walker, 1991), p. 18, SCM 13325.

Vignette of the jackdaw from: Ann and Reg Cartwright, Jackdaw, (Hutchinson, 1993), title page, SCM 13337.
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