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Two photos of exhibition stands demonstrating the difference between a clean and an unclean kitchen. From 'The Health of Leicester 1954'

A guide aimed at children for the art gallery. Has inside a definition of a museum and a brief history of Aberdeen art gallery. It has a key words glossary, black and white images and a little history on art. Contains a map of the layout of the…

Ellen Smith recalls the Quorn hunt coming to Wymeswold in the 1910s and 1920s.

Mary Clegg's painting in an Edwardian autograph album.jpg
Ilkeston and District Local History Society, An Edwardian Autograph Album, 2020 [accessed 8 September 2020].

Black and white photograph of therapeutic basketry at the 5th Northern General Hospital, Leicester, during World War I.

A worksheet encouraging children to analyse various painting within the gallery.

Working drawing, 'The Lion Who Caught a Cold' for The Proud and Fearless Lion, c. 1985, RAC/3

Working drawing, 'Early Ideas for The Proud and Fearless Lion', c. 1985, RAC/3

Working drawing for the cover of: Selina Hastings & Reg Cartwright, A Selection from The Canterbury Tales, (Walker, 1988), RAC/3.
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