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Layamon's Brut. The St Alban's Chronicle. 15th century. A reference to Goneril, one of Lear's daughters, is seen around the middle of the page.

Sounds from Evans Weir on the Leicester Canal.

Engraving of Niccolo Machiavelli
Pages of an English translation

Sounds of a woodpecker chick in Victoria Park, Leicester.

'A hideous old had sitting squat upon the ground' from 'The Wife of Bath's Tale' in: Selina Hastings & Reg Cartwright, A Selection from The Canterbury Tales, (Walker, 1988), p. 64, SCM 13331.

'Barn Owl', oil on board, c. 2006, from exhibition catalogue for 'Reg Cartwright: New Paintings' at Cambridge Contemporary Art, September 2006, RAC/10.

'Boy with bread', ?1970s, from: Portfolio of Work, (c. 1975 - mid-1980s), RAC/8. This is a portrait of Russell Harty as a child.

'Every morning at the same time he would go into the jungle and roar' from: Ann and Reg Cartwright, The Proud and Fearless Lion, (Hutchinson, 1986), p. 2, SCM 13343

Advertisement for an exhibition at the Portal Gallery, London, 'Reg Cartwright, Paintings and Illustrations', (20 June - 9 July [1994]), featuring 'Farm Worker', 1994, oil on canvas, RAC/10.
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