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The Hundred of Sawley.jpg
LEGS Reunited, Long Eaton School Annual No 2 1913, 2020 [accessed 8 September 2020].

Mary Clegg's painting in an Edwardian autograph album.jpg
Ilkeston and District Local History Society, An Edwardian Autograph Album, 2020 [accessed 8 September 2020].

sound of fire drill.wma
This is the audio of a fire alarm from the 1950s

commemorative plaque, WW1.jpg
A tablet commemorating those who fell in the First World War whose families and friends made gifts to the University

Handwritten draft of list from 1923.jpg
Handwritten list of donations given the University of Leicester in 1923

Letter from secretary, 1922.jpg
A typed letter from the current secretary of University to Mr. Roberts (president of City School of Arts and Crafts) talking about the Golden Book

This is a sketch of Sylvia done by one of her friends. It depicts Sylvia sitting while knitting.

rag day.png
Photograph of Sylvia (on the right) and her friend dressed up for RAG Day

An artistic sketch of several students saying hello in their native language

Photograph of Linnea, who was a close friend of Sylvia
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