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This is an artistic rendition of what this student relief campaign at the university may have looked like. The result would have been a simple, yet powerful symbol of solidarity and support from the student body at the University of Leicester to the…

An artistic rendition of Sylvia trying not to be noticed while writing this letter

An artistic rendition of the branch with tinsel on it

An artistic rendition of a cup of coffee that Sylvia would often drink

Artistic rendition of Sylvia receiving her marked exam

An artistic rendition of Sylvia being passed notes from other students to avoid catching fresher's flu

An artistic rendition of Professor Evans

Sylvia apparently had a way with animals, as a certain black cat also seemed to have taken a liking to her as well. Sylvia was walking home from campus and happened to notice the cat was following her home. She pet the cat, walked away, but noticed…
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