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fire alarm pic.jpg
This image displays a fire alarm in the late 1950s

The Queen walking through the University of Leicester

wait for queen.jpg
1950s students waiting to see the Queen

Silver tankard.jpg
Black and white photograph of silver tankard from Newspaper cutting 'A loving cup for college'


Suffragettes demonstration in Bowling Green street.jpg
A black and white photograph of a Suffragette demonstration on Bowling Green Street, May 1911

Leicester suffragettes demonstration Granby Street, 1911 Leicestershire Record office.jpg
A black and white photograph of Suffragette protest on Granby Street in Leicester, May 1911

Lord Mayor Alderman W. Lovell announces the end of WW1.jpg
Black and white photograph of the Lord Mayor Alderman W. Lovell announcing the end of First World War, 1918

Letter in response to Gertrude Vincent, 1935.jpg
A typed letter responding to Gertrude Vincent's resignation as Vice-President of the college


Annie Clephan -4.jpg
The care institution for Feeble Minded Girls.

Annie Clephan -3.jpg
Press title- The successful election of four Liberal women as Poor Law Guardians
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