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Museum_Purpose - Philip_French_29th August 2017.wav
An oral history interview from Philip French, Curator of Leicester History in Leicester Museums.He talks about how museums need to 'educate and entertain' and how although certain aspects have developed and changed (such as interpretation), the…

941-5082-Fes_Belfast_Official Souvenir Handbook.pdf
A handbook to accompany the various events occurring in Northern Ireland connected to the Festival of Britain. Images in black and white. Various sections on different elements such as the arts and volunteers. Colour advertisements at the back.

A document which is the founding document of the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society. In this document, they mention the setting up of a museum as well as their other aims and reasons for being.

A circular from the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society detailing about the setting up of the museum and why. Talks of the benefit of having and museum and why they are going ahead now.

An exhibition booklet for the Pictures from Shropshire Houses exhibit. This exhibition was displayed in conjunction with the Festival of Britain. Contains a foreword by R. H. Urwick, a general introduction by Mary Woodall and a catalogue of art works…

A list of exhibitions occurring at the museum in 1979-80 including Modern Railway Exhibition, Stonehenge Domestic Pottery: A Cag Touring Exhibition and Heritage exhibition. Has brief general information and a map at the back and also includes a ‘what…

PER 069-L3344_Leicester_1941.pdf
An article on children within museums and how they want to develop children's clubs for over the holidays and for them to be just as important as the Museum's school service. Seems to get people visiting because they were introduced through school or…

PER 069-L3488_Leicetser_NineteenthReporttotheTownCouncil1910.pdf
Talks about a movement within museums to incorporate them more within the teaching of children. Discusses lectures set up for teachers showing how the museum's collection could be used. …

PER 069-L3488_Leicetser_SixteenthReporttotheTownCouncil1905.pdf
Talks about the growth of the school visists made and how they paid 'successive visits with a view to studying sections of the exhibits in a systematic manner'. Talks about the use of collections by teachers and students for educational purposes and…

Consists of 6 sheets with various drawings and questions on, focusing on the Iron Age and Roman period. The drawings encourage children to colour them in but the questions encourage them to look at the panels in order to find the answers.
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