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Sepia-toned photograph of Mary Attenborough at a beach; reverse of photograph states 'Aunty Mary-taken S. Wales (?), 1937'.

Mrs Attenborough (2).jpg
Newspaper clipping from the Leicester Mercury, 13th July 1961, reporting on the death of Mary Attenborough: 'MRS ATTENBOROUGH KILLED IN CRASH'

Mrs Attenborough-13th July 1961.jpg
Newspaper clippings reporting the death of Mary Attenborough and reviewing her life and career in Leicester: 'Mrs. Mary Attenborough (65), former Leicester magistrate, wife of the former principle of Leicester University College and mother of film…

Mary and Frederick outside College House, 1931.jpg
"Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Attenborough photographed at the College House, Leicester University",
Leicester Mercury, October 1931, University of Leicester: Archives and Special Collections, Press Cuttings Book June 1920-December 1946. ULA/PCB/2 p.143.

"Recital, 1937", Leicester Evening Mail, February 6th 1937, Univeristy of Leicester: Archives and Special Collections. ULA/FG9/2/36.

ListOfBelongings (2).JPG
Acc 2019/20 Photograph of itinerary of Irene Bejach, listing items she took with her to Leicester whilst on the Kindertransport. Dated c. 1939, language is in German

Accession 2019/20, Photograph of the Diary belonging to Helga Bejach, used between 1944 and 1946

Acc 2019/21 Photograph of letter dated 19th December 1945 to Mary Attenborough from H. Bohmer, Secretary of Region 2, Refugee Children's Movement, notifying Mary, of Dr. Curt Bejach's fate at Auschwitz concentration camp, based on a 'prior letter'…

LetterFromJutta19440905 (2).JPG
Acc 2019/20 Photograph of German Red Cross Telegram sent by Jutta Bejach to her sisters in Leicester. This telegram is notable as it describes their father's 'residence' as the Theresienstadt Ghetto; however, all were unaware that at the time of…

HelgaIreneInHancockGarden1939 (2).JPG
Helga and Irene Bejach, very soon after their arrival in Leicester, presumably August 1939, taken in Mrs. E. A. Hancock's garden, Letchworth Road, Leicester.
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