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  • Collection: Our Golden Beginnings

Handwritten draft of list from 1923.jpg
Handwritten list of donations given the University of Leicester in 1923

Letter from secretary, 1922.jpg
A typed letter from the current secretary of University to Mr. Roberts (president of City School of Arts and Crafts) talking about the Golden Book

Silver tankard.jpg
Black and white photograph of silver tankard from Newspaper cutting 'A loving cup for college'


Suffragettes demonstration in Bowling Green street.jpg
A black and white photograph of a Suffragette demonstration on Bowling Green Street, May 1911

proposed university scheme, 1919.jpg
A leaflet/brochure of promoting the University War memorial scheme, 1919

Leicester suffragettes demonstration Granby Street, 1911 Leicestershire Record office.jpg
A black and white photograph of Suffragette protest on Granby Street in Leicester, May 1911

Lord Mayor Alderman W. Lovell announces the end of WW1.jpg
Black and white photograph of the Lord Mayor Alderman W. Lovell announcing the end of First World War, 1918

Donations of books 1921.JPG
A newspaper cutting on the donations of books to the University, 1921

Letter in response to Gertrude Vincent, 1935.jpg
A typed letter responding to Gertrude Vincent's resignation as Vice-President of the college


Photograph of puppet show, 1929.jpg
A black and white photograph of the puppet show arranged by Gertrude Vincent, 1929
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