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Layamon's Brut. The St Alban's Chronicle. 15th century. A reference to Goneril, one of Lear's daughters, is seen around the middle of the page.

Engraving of Niccolo Machiavelli
Pages of an English translation

SCM 05795 (5).JPG
Frontispiece - Religious imagery

The end of the list of entries beginning with ‘H’ and beginning of the list of entries beginning with ‘I’, with a pen-flourished initial, from the ‘Medulla grammaticae’, England,

Title page of Henry V based on the Convent Garden prompt book. Bell's edition.

Front page of Bell's edition of Shakespeare's plays based on prompt books used in the London theatres

Engraving of the Bow Bridge over the River Soar at Leicester

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Engraving in Hone's edition of the Mystery Plays.

List of characters and first page of King Lear, showing Dr Johnson's extensive glossing.

Front page of Halliwell's edition of Coventry Mystery plays performed on the Feast of Corpus Christi
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