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SCT 01174 (2).JPG
Translated from Latin

SCS 00576 (1).JPG
A selection form Plutach's The Lives of Noble Grecians and Romans

SCM 09714 (3).JPG
Frontspieces to the First and Last volumes

SCM 9683 (2).JPG
Frontspiece depicting the Lancaster and York family trees and their union under Henry Tudor.

SCM 02583 (2).JPG
Title page of the 1844 edition of the play. Leicester University Library stamp.

SCM 6926 (2).JPG
Frontspiece and blank page with various scribbles by previous copy owner(s)

SCM 05795 (5).JPG
Frontispiece - Religious imagery

SCT 00467 (2).JPG
Foxe's Acts & Monuments

SCM 06448 (2).JPG
Fronstpice -Machiavel's engraving

SCM 03421.JPG
Front page of Montaigne's Essays
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