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  • Collection: The Post War History of Leicester 1945-1962

Geoff Fenn's National Service pics (4).JPG
Geoff Fenn poses with a Radio Telephone Direction Finding (RTDF) truck during his national Service.

ROLLR Theatre Royal Prog 1954.jpg
The cover of Theatre Royal Leicester programme, 1954

Two newspaper articles from the Leicester Mercury. One is titled 'British Rule in India Ends at Midnight', Thursday 14th August 1947, the other is titled 'Fifty Killed in Lahore Riots as India Celebrates Freedom', Friday 15th August 1947.

An advertisement for household goods at TH Wathes from the Leicester Graphic, April 1956.

An advertisement for home entertainment systems at Cowlings shop, Leicester

An advertisement for bathrooms at Pochins shop Leicester

An advertisement for radios and televisions at Lewis's shop in Leicester

An advert from the Leicester Chronicle, 11th December 1961, for the new Auto Magic Car Wash at Lee Circle, Leicester.

1951 Kellys adverts (4).JPG
An advert from the 1951 Kelly's Trade Directory for the Leicester Academy of Dancing and the Marie Bici School for Stage Training at 76 High Street, Leicester.

Hart & Levy I helped to make those clothes 1951.jpg
An advert for a career at the clothing company Hart & Levy Ltd, Leicester
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