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  • Collection: The Post War History of Leicester 1945-1962

A photo of man working in a Hosiery Factory Leicester in 1945. Although not stated this is likely to be taken in the Corah Factory.

5 Partition Returning to the UK.mp3
A sound clip of Mrs Aitkin talking about returning home to the UK

4 Partition Going back home.mp3
A sound clip of Mr Muneer talking about going back home to India

3 Partition Death.mp3
A sound clip of Mr Paul Clarke talking about the loss of human causalities

2 Partition Indian Movement.mp3
A sound clip of Mr Jitendra Ramaiya talking about politics in India

Two newspaper articles from the Leicester Mercury. One is titled 'British Rule in India Ends at Midnight', Thursday 14th August 1947, the other is titled 'Fifty Killed in Lahore Riots as India Celebrates Freedom', Friday 15th August 1947.

1 Partition Village Life.mp3
A sound clip of Mr Bhatti talking about village life in India before Partition.

John Graham Theatre fire.mp3
John Graham talks about the fire at the Little Theatre, Leicester

John Graham Theatre.mp3
John Graham talks about joining the Little Theatre

ROLLR Theatre Royal Prog 1954.jpg
The cover of Theatre Royal Leicester programme, 1954
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