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Leicester Special Collections

Women in Our History: An Introduction (ii)


Residents of Clare Hall, 1965

The University’s archives, alongside donations from alumni, are held within the Library’s Archives & Special Collections. Combined, they provide evidence of women’s place in the University’s history.

Each webpage displays themes that highlight the important achievements women have made in overcoming stereotypes, social boundaries and growing opposition. The exhibition showcases archival material which brings their stories to life.

Compare and contrast the student experience through exploring the University’s publications, photographs and ephemera. What was it like to live in single sex halls, with a residential warden and her pet dog? Learn how annual reports and administrative records are used to reveal ‘female firsts’ of the University’s staff and students. Discover the University’s origins, and how the women of Leicester raised thousands of pounds to support the establishment of a University College. Read newspaper articles highlighting the ground breaking research made by female staff, captured and preserved in the University’s press cuttings books.

Through looking at our collective past, we gain a sense of belonging and identity. How will our history inspire your story?