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Leicester Special Collections

Bazaar & Fete, 1922(i)


Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Bazaar & Fete illustrated leaflet with preliminary programme

During the University College’s first year, extra funds were desperately needed. A great effort was organised to deliver a Bazaar & Fete in Leicester during May 1922. A women’s committee was formed (the Bazaar Committee), whose aim was to raise £10,000. The total amount raised by the end of the Bazaar was £15,237 11s. 6d.

Attractions at the Bazaar included: palmistry, dancing, living statuary, houp-la, cakes, the band of the Seaforth Highlanders, and a ball.

The Bazaar Committee consisted of a: President, Vice-Presidents, Chairmen, and Bazaar Stewards. The entire committee was formed of women.