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Leicester Special Collections


Aberdeen Art Gallery

These two worksheets are from Aberdeen Art Gallery. They date from around the 1970s. How are they similar/dissimilar to today? Would you adapt any questions for a school group today? What are the learning objectives of these sheets and do you think these objectives would have been achieved?

Leicester Museums - Jewry Wall and New Walk

This series of worksheets are undated but come from Jewry Wall. How do they compare to the ones from Aberdeen? Which are the most effective? What are the sheets encouraging you to do and how would this help engagement?

Junior Museum Club Booklet: Unit Two Iron Age and Roman, n.d. 

This oral history clip from Imogen Cox describes some of the online resources at New Walk Museum. How does this show the development of museum education worksheets?

 Imogen Cox Oral History Interview - Educational Worksheets, 2017