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Leicester Special Collections

Unpublished illustrations


'Large blue still life', oil on board, 2001, from the exhibition catalogue for 'Reg Cartwright: New Paintings' at Cambridge Contemporary Art, October 2003.  ©Reg Cartwright.

'The space between objects makes them somehow sing in isolation on the canvas.'*

*Reg Cartwright talking to Clare Barry in 'The simple touch' from Artists & Illustrators, (July, 2009), p. 93, RAC/13


Original mounted painting of 'Skipper Jack', c. 1997, RAC/2.  ©Reg Cartwright.

The Cartwright Archive, containing a number of original paintings, was donated to the Special Collections of the University of Leicester by Reg and Ann in October 2010.  Among the paintings, the University is especially fortunate to have two unpublished works – ‘Skipper Jack’ and 'The Circus Strongman and His Wife'.


Excerpt from a mock-up for a proposed book, 'Skipper Jack and the Whale', c. 1997, p. 11, RAC/3.  ©Reg and Ann Cartwright.

'Very soon the nets were full and heavy with fish.  Skipper Jack hauled and pulled and puffed on the nets and Nelson tugged and panted.  Together they hauled on board the largest catch of fish The Neptune had ever landed.'*

*Mock-up for a proposed book, Skipper Jack and the Whale, p. 11, RAC/3


Original mounted painting of 'The Circus Strongman and His Wife', undated, RAC/2.  ©Reg Cartwright.