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Key Stage 2 Learning Resources

As part of our project we have also created a learning resource pack for Key Stage 2, focusing on how the university was founded and how it links to the present day. Please check them out in the links at the bottom of the page.

The Learning resources were designed for 7-11 year old children. It links to the National ​Curriculum for Key Stage 2​, related to English, History, Art and Design. The learning resources were divided into 2 parts an Information sheet and Worksheet in one file. The other file is the Teachers Notes​. The information sheet provides basic information about the founding history of the University of Leicester and case studies for children to complete the tasks.

For the Worksheet, there are 6 activities associate with a storyline. Children have to help the main character Jack to set up a university. The content of the activities corresponds to the online exhibition. Therefore the teacher can associate with the online exhibition as the preview of the learning resources.

The Teachers Notes were designed for the teacher so that they can learn the information and help the children to answer the questions. The Teachers Notes have links for further information if the teacher would like to know further related information and prepare for the lesson. The design idea of the Teachers Notes came from the golden book that corresponds to our main topic.

The design idea of the Information sheet and Worksheet was based on the concept of adventure. Due to the name of the exhibition is ‘Our Golden Beginnings’. Thus, the concept of the Worksheet was designed like an old treasure map, the university was formed by various elements, such as community, love and the First World War. The children can join the adventure and collect these aspects to build a university. 

If you would like to download the learning resource for your teaching, please find out in the links below.

Information sheet and worksheet

Teachers Notes

Resources for Teachers