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How to Get Involved in Work Like Mary's

Thank you for taking the time to read about the life and work of Mary Attenborough. The intention of this exhibition has been to bring her achievements to wider attention, because we feel her work deserves to be celebrated.

A number of the organisations and charities Mary was involved in are still in existence today and are always ready to welcome new members, donors and contributors. Furthermore, there are charities that conduct inspiring work surrounding the current refugee crises, which mirror the work Mary undertook in the 1930s and 1940s. Please follow the links below for details of how you can get involved and continue such inspiring work.

Arts and Culture

Leicester Drama Society and The Little Theatre are still proudly performing in the heart of Leicester, from their base in Dover Street. There are a number of ways you can get involved, whether you are interested in acting, or learning the behind-the-scenes work that allows the show to go on.

Discover the different ways you can get involved, including ways to donate, sponsor, volunteer, become a member, and join workshops:

Eight to eighteen year olds have the opportunity to develop their drama skills with LDS Youth Theatre:

Humanitarian Contributions

In her working life, Mary worked tirelessly on local and national projects, becoming well known for her charitable heart, and drive to make lives better for those whose lives had been uprooted by conflict.

Leicester was, and has always been a city marked by its diversity, boasting a history of welcoming new arrivals. A PDF booklet compiled by the Runnymede Trust serves to highlight the distinct communities that have migrated to Leicester, and which are proud to call the city their 'home': <>

Continuing with the spirt of Mary's charitable and humanitarian endeavours, the University of Leicester has striven to make itself a 'University of Sanctuary', which is empathetic to the needs of refugees, welcoming them and providing them with a range of opportunities and initiatives, creating a culture of hospitality at the University:

The University has also partnered with Leicester's 'City of Sanctuary scheme' which offers a wide range of services, such as a central Hub with a welcome facility, support services, hot meals, and ESOL, IT, and sewing classes. If you're interested in supporting their work, or want to be a volunteer, then follow this link to their website:

Mary and Equality

A number of the organisations Mary was involved in are still in existence, including the Soroptimists and the Marriage Guidance Council (now called 'Relate').

The Soroptimists are a volunteer movement that advocates for gender equality and human rights across the globe: 

Relate offers support and advice for relationships and families: