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University of Leicester Founding Donors


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This database contains biographical information about the men, women, and organisations who made donations towards the founding of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland College (now the University of Leicester). It was created as part of a research commission from Leicestershire County Council's Heritage Lottery Funded Century of Stories project

The focus of this research was the very first donations received by the College committee, which enabled the first small group of students to commence their studies in October 1921. Therefore, only individuals and organisations who made financial or significant in kind contributions before July 1922 are included in the data. 

The starting point of the database was the list of donors recorded in the College's first annual report for 1921/22, which can be viewed on the University Library's Special Collections Online. In order to understand who the first donors were, their occupations, where they lived, and how they were connected to one another, this initial data has been supplemented with information extracted from a range of other sources. These include census returns, trade directories, and records of organisations such as the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society, Leicestershire Archaeological Society, and Belmont House Society. It is not intended that the data presented provides a full record of the lives of the individuals included, and any additional information would be welcomed. 

Where date ranges are provided for associations with local organisations and societies, these reflect the first and last reference to an individual in the records consulted. In some cases, it is likely that the association lasted for longer than has been captured in the database. 

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