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A guide aimed at children for the art gallery. Has inside a definition of a museum and a brief history of Aberdeen art gallery. It has a key words glossary, black and white images and a little history on art. Contains a map of the layout of the…

A worksheet encouraging children to analyse various painting within the gallery.

A catalogue of the exhibtion Paintings from North-East Homes. Includes introduction and catalogue of the materials used. Images are in black and white.


Black and white photograph of the first group of 9 students with staff of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland College.

A leaflet which details the history of museums within Bolton. Talks about Sharple’s museum of curiosities and the development of the early museum. Discusses the bequeathal of Dr. Samuel Taylor Chadwick, and the benefit they got out of that money. …

PER 069-L3488_Leicetser_SixteenthReporttotheTownCouncil1905.pdf
Talks about the growth of the school visists made and how they paid 'successive visits with a view to studying sections of the exhibits in a systematic manner'. Talks about the use of collections by teachers and students for educational purposes and…

PER 069-L3488_Leicetser_NineteenthReporttotheTownCouncil1910.pdf
Talks about a movement within museums to incorporate them more within the teaching of children. Discusses lectures set up for teachers showing how the museum's collection could be used. …

A booklet detailing the various museums within Canterbury including The Royal Museum, The West Gate, The Roman Pavement and the Buffs Museum. There are little sections on the history of the museums and how they were set up. Has general information at…
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